Direct Deposit Information

Direct deposit is available for tobacco distributors using the ALTO system. Direct deposit is simple, convenient and free.

To get started, simply login to an existing ALTO account, click the “Profile” link at the top right hand corner of the home screen, select “DIRECT DEPOSIT” and follow the instructions.

CLICK HERE for the ALTO Direct Deposit Instructions



Direct Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

Direct Deposit change requests can only be submitted by someone with an Account Manager web profile.

The Account Manager has security permissions to administer account types, access type and access level for each Account Representative web profile established for the business. This profile type also has the ability to set Direct Deposit directives.

Direct Deposit information is stored in the Account Manager user profile under My Accounts.

Log into Arizona Luxury Tax Online and go to the Profile tab. If you have access to the Manage Logon tab or the Direct Deposit sub tab under My Accounts, you have an Account Manager profile. If not, your profile type is Account Representative.

Unless your request is rejected, all changes take place 7 business days after the request is submitted.

Users will receive a status update by Arizona Luxury Tax Online web-mail within 7 business days after the request is submitted.

Please contact the Tobacco Tax Unit immediately at (602) 716-6152 to reject the request. An Account Manager may also disable the request on Arizona Luxury Tax Online after it has been processed.

Account Managers can view access types from the Profile tab under Manage Logon. If you are an account representative and you do not have access to Manage Logon, you may also contact the Tobacco Tax Unit to determine who the Account Manager is for your organization.