TPT Forms

Arizona transaction privilege tax (TPT) is a tax on the vendor for the privilege of doing business in the state.

We strongly encourage taxpayers to file online via the website for faster processing and fewer errors.

Tutorial and step-by-step instructions can be found here.

2021 and beyond $500 annual transaction privilege tax and use tax liability
  (Pursuant to A.R.S. § 42-5014 and 42-1129)


Please ensure you download and open the form from your computer folder using Acrobat, as you will encounter issues when viewing and filling it out within your internet browser.

Fillable forms are in PDF format and contain JavaScript coding, which does not operate properly in internet browsers.

For technical assistance on fillable forms, see Forms Technical Information.

Category Form Number Title
TPT Forms, Corporate Tax Forms, Withholding Forms 10193 Business Account Update
TPT Forms 10649 Sale of Motor Vehicle to Nonresident
TPT Forms 10649 Sale of Motor Vehicle to Nonresident - Tax Rate Schedules
TPT Forms 10649 Sale of Motor Vehicle to Nonresident Form
TPT Forms 11186 Residential Rentals ONLY Application
TPT Forms 11188 Additional Owners, Partners, Corporate Officer(s) Addendum
TPT Forms 11189 Additional Business Location(s) Addendum
TPT Forms 11348 Property Management License Application
TPT Forms 11431 Transaction Privilege Tax Health Care Exemption Application
TPT Forms 11433 Request for Refund or Waiver of Pinal County Transportation Excise Tax
TPT Forms 5000 TPT Exemption Certificate - General
TPT Forms 5000A Arizona Resale Certificate
TPT Forms 5000AC Transaction Privilege Tax Aircraft Exemption Certificate
TPT Forms 5000HC Transaction Privilege Tax Healthcare Exemption Certificate
TPT Forms 5000M Non-TPT Licensed Contractor Certificate (MRRA Project)
TPT Forms 5003 TPT Exemption Certificate for Commercial Enhancement Reuse District Projects
TPT Forms 5004 TPT Used Oil Burner Exemption Certificate
TPT Forms 5005 Contractor's Certificate
TPT Forms 5006 TPT Overhead Exemption Certificate
TPT Forms 5008 Jet Fuel Tax Rate Adjustment Certificate
TPT Forms 5009L Contractor's Project Certificate
TPT Forms 5010 Certificate For Sale And Delivery Of Motor Vehicle To Nonresident For Use Outside Of Arizona
TPT Forms 5010 Q Motor Vehicle Dealer Submission of Copies of Form 5010
TPT Forms 5011 Affidavit of Nonresidency by a Resident of Another U.S. State Purchase of Motor Vehicle in Arizona
TPT Forms 5012 Affidavit of Nonresidency by a Resident of a Foreign Country Purchase of Motor Vehicle that is Delivered Outside of Arizona