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Penalty Abatement Request: Use Form 290 to request an abatement of non-audit penalties.

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E-File and E-Pay Requirements and Penalties

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Category Form Number Title
Bingo Forms 10331 Application for Bingo License Packet
Bingo Forms 71-1009 Bingo Verification Form
Bingo Forms 830 Bingo Affidavit
Bingo Forms 831 Application for Special Bonus Game
Bingo Forms 836 Financial Report – Class A License
Bingo Forms 837 Financial Report – Class B or C License
Collections Forms 10523 Tax Clearance Application
Collections Forms 10834 Statement of Exemption & 2024 IRS Levy Exemption Chart
Collections Forms 10847 Collection Information Statement for Business
Collections Forms 10895 Collection Division Affidavit with Notary
Collections Forms 10895A Collection Division Affidavit without Notary
Collections Forms 10896 Collection Information Statement - Personal
Collections Forms 11005 Offer-in-Compromise Booklet
Collections Forms 11206 Letter of Assumption
Corporate Tax Forms 10193 Business Account Update
Corporate Tax Forms 120 Arizona Corporation Income Tax Return
Corporate Tax Forms 120/165 EXT Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File Corporation, Partnership, and Exempt Organization Returns
Corporate Tax Forms 120/165ES Corporate and Partnership Estimated Tax Payment
Corporate Tax Forms 120/165ES Booklet Corporate and Pass-Through Entity Estimated Tax Payment
Corporate Tax Forms 120/165V Arizona Corporate or Partnership Income Tax Payment Voucher
Corporate Tax Forms 120/PTE-W Estimated Tax Worksheet for Corporations & Pass-Through Entities
Corporate Tax Forms 120A Arizona Corporation Income Tax Return (Short Form)
Corporate Tax Forms 120S Arizona S Corporation Income Tax Return
Corporate Tax Forms 120S Schedule K-1 Resident Shareholder's Information Schedule Form with Instructions
Corporate Tax Forms 120S Schedule K-1(NR) Nonresident Shareholder's Share of Income and Deductions Form with Instructions