Voluntary Compliance

The Voluntary Compliance Program is Arizona’s initiative to encouraging companies that have not previously reported or who have not fully reported to comply with Arizona Revised Statutes, Title 44, Chapter 3.

The purpose of the Arizona Unclaimed Property Program is to:

  • protect the interests of unclaimed property owners.
  • relieve the holders of unclaimed property from the cost and liability associated with custody of the property.


In partnership with businesses and organizations Arizona returns hundred thousands of properties per year to the rightful owners.  The Arizona Voluntary Compliance Program can help your organization establish the practice of proper reporting and develop an ongoing relationship with unclaimed property administrators.

A Voluntary Compliance Agreement allows private organizations and the State of Arizona to reach an accord that benefits the owners of unclaimed property. 

The Holder Agrees: it is not under audit, will report all items for last 10 report years, and will file timely in the future.

The State of Arizona Agrees: it will not assess penalty or interest, and indemnifies holder against claims on items reported. 


Voluntary Compliance Agreement Packet

Voluntary Compliance Agreement Packet

Once you complete and sign the Agreement please mail it to:

Arizona Department of Revenue
Unclaimed Property – Voluntary Compliance
P.O. Box 29026
Phoenix, AZ 85038

Upon receipt, the Department will verify the Holder’s eligibility and send you an executed copy of the Agreement. 
You should then file the Holder’s report within the timeframe specified in the Agreement.


Questions and Concerns

You can submit your unclaimed property questions and concerns to the Arizona Unclaimed Property Holder Compliance unit via email: [email protected]