E-File Services

E-file is a cooperative tax filing program with the IRS that makes it possible for taxpayers to file both federal and state personal and business income tax returns electronically. It is also the fastest and most accurate way to file a return, and taxpayers can expect the following benefits:

  • Individual taxpayers recieve their refund faster. An individual taxpayer will receive their refund within 1-2 weeks after ADOR accepts the e-filed return. If the individual taxpayer chooses to direct deposit the refund, they can receive the refund in as little as five days after ADOR accepts the e-filed return.

  • Taxpayers make fewer errors. The online service automatically checks a return and corrects any math errors found. The error rate on e-filed returns is less than ½ percent. If an error is found, the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) will notify the taxpayer or preparer immediately using electronic notification. After the error has been corrected, the taxpayer may be able to resubmit a return electronically, depending on the software program used to file the return. Arizona follows the IRS perfection period for rejected returns.

  • Taxpayers get an acknowledgement of receipt from both the IRS and ADOR via the service, so they will know their returns have been received and accepted.


Additionally, online filing is secure. The information is encrypted and securely transmitted to the IRS and ADOR. Electronic filing options for withholding tax and transaction privilege tax are available through AZTaxes.gov.


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