Reporting Resources

Electronic Reporting Software

We recommend that you update your software yearly as the standard reporting format does change.

It is required that data be sent according to these specifications:

  • Use a CD, DVD or USB flash drive. You may also send your report by secure email to [email protected]
  • Clearly label the outside of the disk with the holder name, holder address, names of each file contained on the disk and the format used (e.g., Wagers, HRS, or NAUPA).
  • When reporting multiple companies on one CD, DVD or USB flash drive assign each company a separate file name.
  • Type all records in UPPER CASE style.

Or you may send to us via UPExpress.

Magnetic tape or cartridge media is not acceptable.

Send passwords and/or instructions for retrieving data which is password protected or in special encryption software to [email protected] or provide a contact person and telephone number with your report and remittance.

  • CD ROMS and USB flash drives in NAUPA format that contain the “HDE” file extension are encrypted and do not require password protection.
  • CD ROMS and USB flash drives in NAUPA format that contain the “HRS” file extension are not encrypted and should be sent under protected means.

Passwords for non-encrypted files need to be emailed promptly to [email protected]. The subject line of the email must identify the report(s) protected by the password.

Arizona does not accept Reports in Excel Format.

Approved reporting software is available, free of charge at:

HRS Pro Logo

HRS Pro has a free web standard version that can be utilized to create properly formatted reports containing less than 200 properties. A fee is charged to prepare reports exceeding 200 properties. 

Arizona does not provide technical support of HRS Pro. For questions or additional information, please contact Wagers at (617) 371-9900.