What is an heir finder/asset locator?
Heir finders and asset locators help reunite owners with their property for a fee. Consumer protection agencies advise that legitimate businesses do not expect payment until the property is returned to the owner. Be suspicious of anyone who tries to charge a fee before you receive your property, or tries to charge a fee other than a percentage of the money to be returned to you. No one may charge a fee greater than 30% for property reported to the State of Arizona. This fee limit applies to all services conducted by the locator.

All heir finders and asset locators must be registered to do business in the State of Arizona. If you have concerns about an heir finder or asset locator, contact your Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division.

Do-It-Yourself Research
You may want to look for property yourself before contracting with a third party.  

You can:

  • Search the Department of Revenue’s unclaimed property database
  • Try our External Links section
  • Contact the companies where you have owned stock or bonds
  • Contact your city or county government accounting offices
  • Contact federal agencies, such as Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)


Agent Information
For information on becoming an Asset Locator, click here.

This is a list of frequently asked questions about asset locating.

No, copies are not available.

Our owner listing is provided in a searchable database on our website and missingmoney.com. A.R.S. 44-315 requires us to maintain confidentiality of owner listings except as stated above.

No. A.R.S. 44-315 prohibits the department from disclosing the unclaimed property values to anyone other than the owner or their representative.

The department will provide you with the information only if you furnish authorization from the legal owner.

The contract you have with the owner may permit legal actions, but you must initiate it.

Each year approximately 75% of the accounts reported have a value of less than $100.

Yes, they are available at https://www.unclaimed.org

It takes up to 120 days for monetary claims. Stock claims usually take up to 30 days longer.