Payment Arrangement for Individuals

Taxpayers can pay their liability in full or make partial payments at However, if there is an issue making a payment, taxpayers can request a monthly installment plan through

Request a Payment Arrangement


The process to establish a payment plan request in ADOR’s system will take approximately 60 days after the tax liability is billed and Payment Plan request submission. Once submitted, the taxpayer will be provided a confirmation number and a monthly installment payment amount. Taxpayers do not need to wait for confirmation to start making payments. Allow for 60 days after the first billing notice is received before following up with ADOR regarding the request.

Additional Information:

  • While on a payment plan, taxpayers cannot incur any new liabilities. If a new liability occurs, the taxpayer must request a new payment plan to be created.
  • Payments must be made on time per the payment arrangement.
  • Payment plans are subject to review at any time and may require updated financial information or additional documentation.
  • Taxpayers may be asked to provide detailed financial information, including income and employer, spouse’s income and employer, number of dependents, monthly expenses, banking information and other pertinent information to determine ability to pay the liability. 
  • Taxpayers could be asked to provide a complete written Financial Statement
  • Taxpayers will be provided 30 days to file all delinquent returns. Tax Returns & Forms 
  • If a taxpayer cannot make a payment as scheduled, the individual can contact the Department and advise a collections representative when he or she will be making the payment. 
  • If the terms of the arrangements are not kept, the Department will consider enforcement action, such as the filing of a tax lien or levying wages, bank accounts or other assets. 
  • Depending upon the amount owed and the length of time it will take to repay a liability, a tax lien may be filed.