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Penalty Abatement Request: Use Form 290 to request an abatement of non-audit penalties.

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Category Form Number Title
Individual 140PTC Property Tax Refund Credit Booklet
Individual 140PY Arizona Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax Booklet
Individual 140PY Form 140PY - X & Y Tables
Individual 140PY Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax Form -- Fillable
Individual 140PY Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax Form -- Non-fillable Form
Individual 140PY Schedule A(PY) Itemized Deductions for Part-Year Resident
Individual 140PY Schedule A(PYN) Itemized Deductions for Part-Year Resident with Nonresident Income Form
Individual 140X Individual Amended Income Return Form -- Fillable
Individual 200 Innocent Spouse Relief
Individual 201 Renter's Certificate of Property Taxes Paid Form
Individual 202 Personal Exemption Allocation Election
Individual 203 Request for Injured Spouse Protection from Application of Joint Overpayment Against Spouse's Delinquencies or Debts
Individual 204 Application for Filing Extension Form
Individual 204-E Application for Electronic Filing of Extension Request For Calendar Year 2022 Individual Income Tax Returns Only
Individual 221 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals Form
Individual AZ‑140V Arizona Individual Income Tax payment Voucher for Electronic Filing (This form has no separate instructions)
Individual Claim of Right Claim of Right - Individual Form
License Compliance Forms 11370 Vendor Questionnaire
Liquor Forms 815 Wholesaler's Return of Spirits and Vinous Sold and Malt/Cider Liquor Purchased
Liquor Forms 835 Craft Distilleries / Farm Winery / Microbrewery / Cider / Direct Shipment Licensee Return of Liquor Sold
Marijuana Tax Forms JTM-1 Medical, Adult Use or Dual License Transaction Privilege/Use/Excise Tax Application
Marijuana Tax Forms MET-1 Marijuana Excise Tax Return (MET-1)
Marijuana Tax Forms MET-1V Arizona Marijuana Excise Tax Return Efile Return Payment Voucher
Other Forms 01-QCO Application for Certification for Qualifying Charitable Organization
Other Forms 01-QFCO Application for Certification for Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization