Part-Year Resident Personal Income Tax Form -- Non-fillable Form

Form is used by part-year residents to report all income earned while an Arizona resident (including related expenses, allowable deductions and credits) and any income earned from Arizona sources (including related expenses, allowable deductions and credits) before moving to (or after leaving) the state. 


Update to the 2020 Increase Standard Deduction Worksheet for taxpayers electing to take the standard deduction on their Arizona tax return:
Please disregard the information provided in the worksheet's Note Section (Note #2 on Form 140; Note #3 on Forms 140NR, 140PY and 140X). The correct amount to enter on line 6C is the total amount of charitable contributions made in 2020 for which you are claiming a tax credit for the current tax year (2020) or prior tax year (2019).

For tax year 2018 and forward, see Form 140 - X & Y Tables.
For tax year 2017 and prior, see Form 140PY X & Y Tables.

NOTICE: For tax year 2023 and beyond, there are no longer non-fillable individual income forms. Please use and print the fillable form instead.

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