Payment Vouchers

Form is used those who electronically files a tax return and is separately mailing payment for taxes not remitted with the tax form, when filed.

Category Form Number Title
Payment Vouchers, Corporate Tax Forms, Partnership Forms 120/165V Arizona Corporate or Partnership Income Tax Payment Voucher
Individual, Payment Vouchers 140ES Individual Estimated Tax Payment Form
Fiduciary Forms, Payment Vouchers 141AZ ES Estate or Trust Estimated Income Tax Payment
Fiduciary Forms, Payment Vouchers 141AZ EXT Application for Filing Extension For Fiduciary Returns Only
Payment Vouchers, Fiduciary Forms 141AZ V Arizona Estate or Trust Income Tax Payment Voucher
Withholding Forms, Payment Vouchers A1-WP Payment of Arizona Income Tax Withheld
Payment Vouchers, Small Business Income Forms AZ-140V-SBI Arizona Individual Income Tax Payment Voucher for Electronic Filing of Form 140-SBI
Payment Vouchers AZ-USE V Arizona Individual Consumer Use Tax Payment Voucher
Payment Vouchers, Individual AZ‑140V Arizona Individual Income Tax payment Voucher for Electronic Filing (This form has no separate instructions)
Marijuana Tax Forms, Payment Vouchers MET-1V Arizona Marijuana Excise Tax Return Efile Return Payment Voucher
Payment Vouchers TPT-V Arizona Transaction Privilege Tax Efile Return Payment Voucher