Adult use marijuana dispensaries must remit transaction privilege tax (TPT) and marijuana excise tax (MET) to the Arizona Department of Revenue.



Taxpayers can file now and schedule payments up until the deadline.

The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) reminds transaction privilege tax filers that monthly returns are due.  Filing before the deadline is highly encouraged in the event assistance is required.


Arizona provides tax credits to taxpayers whose income is below a certain threshold and who are not required to file an individual income tax return. Individuals may be eligible for state tax benefits by submitting two forms available through the Arizona Department of Revenue - Form 140PTC Property Tax Refund Claim or Form 140ET Credit for Increased Excise Taxes.


E-file is a cooperative tax filing program that makes it possible for taxpayers to file both federal and state individual income tax returns electronically. Electronic filing, paying and using direct deposit for a refund comes with many benefits.


Why e-file your income tax return?