Phoenix, AZ—Owe on your state taxes and cannot pay? For taxpayers unable to pay their individual income tax liability in full, the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) offers a convenient way to request a payment plan and manage their liability. A payment plan is an arrangement with ADOR to pay tax debt within an agreed-upon timeframe. 


Taxpayers can file now and schedule payments up until the deadline.

The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) reminds transaction privilege tax filers that monthly and quarterly returns are due.  Filing before the deadline is highly encouraged in the event assistance is required.


Phoenix, AZ—Facing a loved one's passing is complex, and the Arizona Department of Revenue wants to make it easier to file on behalf of a deceased taxpayer.

The person in charge of the deceased estate is responsible for filing the tax return. A surviving spouse may file a joint individual income tax return if the deceased spouse passed away during the tax year and the surviving spouse did not remarry during the tax year.


Phoenix, AZ—With just one week until the April 18 filing due date, the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) would like to remind taxpayers to file and pay before this year’s deadline of April 18, 2023. It is also the first-quarter deadline for those who file individual estimated tax payments quarterly. 

In Arizona, full-year resident or part-year resident individuals must file a tax return if they are:


Phoenix, AZ—The Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) reminds individuals they have until the tax deadline of April 18 to make donations to qualified charitable organizations and claim the Arizona tax credits on their 2022 Arizona individual income tax return.

Qualifying Charitable Organizations and Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations