Advertising activity within the City

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*This information is for Model City Tax Code purposes only.


(a) In General. Except as provided elsewhere in this Regulation, a person engaged in advertising activity shall be considered to be doing business entirely within the City if all or a major portion of the dissemination facilities such as broadcasting studios, printing plants, or distribution centers are located within the City limits. Remote studios patched to an in-City studio and subject to engineering modulation or control at the in-City studio are considered studios doing business in the City.

(b) Billboards and other outdoor advertising companies shall be considered to be doing business within the City to the extent they have billboards or similar displays within the City.

(c) Publishers and distributors of newspaper and other periodicals shall be subject to the tax upon advertising imposed by Section ___-405 and such tax shall be allocated in the manner prescribed by subsection (e) of Section ___-435.