Change of method of reporting

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*This information is for Model City Tax Code purposes only.


(a) Any taxpayer electing to change his reporting method shall be permitted to do so only upon filing a written request to the Tax Collector and after receiving written approval of the Tax Collector. The approval shall state the effective date of the change.

(b) The Tax Collector may postpone such approval to allow for examination of the records of the taxpayer and may further require that all tax liability be satisfied up to the effective date of the change.

(c) Failure of the taxpayer to notify the Tax Collector and await approval before changing the method of reporting will subject the taxpayer to interest and penalties if his original method of reporting would produce higher taxes due the City. When a person makes such change without the consent of the Tax Collector, the Tax Collector may audit his books and records to verify the tax liability as of the date of the change.

(d) Any taxpayer who has failed to indicate a choice of reporting method upon the application for a Privilege License shall be deemed to have chosen the accrual method of reporting.