Closing agreements in cases of extensive taxpayer misunderstanding or misapplication; approval; rules

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*This information is for Model City Tax Code purposes only.


(a) If the Tax Collector determines that noncompliance with tax obligations results from extensive misunderstanding or misapplication of provisions of this Chapter it may enter into closing agreements with those taxpayers under the following terms and conditions:

(1) Extensive misunderstanding or misapplication of the tax laws occurs if the Tax Collector determines that more than sixty percent (60%) of the persons in the affected class have failed to properly account for their taxes owing to the same misunderstanding or misapplication of the tax laws.

(2) The Tax Collector shall publicly declare the nature of the possible misapplication and the proposed definition of the class of affected taxpayers and shall conduct a public hearing to hear testimony regarding the extent of the misapplication and the definition of the affected class.

(3) If, after the public hearing, the Tax Collector determines that a class of affected taxpayers has failed to comply with their tax obligations because of extensive misunderstanding or misapplication of the tax laws it shall issue a tax ruling announcing that finding and publish the ruling in a newspaper of general circulation in the City and through the next two model city tax code updates.

(4) A closing agreement under this Section may abate some or all of the penalties, interest and tax that taxpayers have failed to remit, or the agreement may provide for the prospective treatment of the matter as to the class of affected taxpayers. All taxpayers in the class shall be offered the opportunity to enter into a similar agreement for the same tax periods.

(5) Taxpayers in the affected class who have properly accounted for their tax obligations for these tax periods shall be offered the opportunity to enter into an equivalent closing agreement providing for a pro rata credit or refund of their taxes previously paid.

(6) The closing agreement shall require the taxpayers to properly account for and pay such taxes in the future. If a taxpayer fails to adhere to such a requirement, the closing agreement is voidable by the Tax Collector and he may assess the taxpayer for the delinquent taxes. The Tax Collector may issue such a proposed assessment within six months after the date that he declares that closing agreement void or within the period prescribed by Section-550 of this Chapter.

(b) Before entering into closing agreements pursuant to this Section, the Tax Collector shall secure such approval as required by charter, ordinance or administrative regulation.

(c) After a closing agreement has been signed pursuant to this Section, it is final and conclusive except on a showing of fraud, malfeasance or misrepresentation of a material fact. The case shall not be reopened as to the matters agreed upon or the agreement shall not be modified by any officer, employee or agent of the City. The agreement or any determination, assessment, collection, payment abatement, refund or credit made pursuant to the agreement shall not be annulled, modified, set aside or disregarded in any suit, action or proceeding.

(d) The Tax Collector shall report in writing its activities under this Section to the Mayor and City Council on or before February 1 of each year.