Definitions (Phoenix)

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*This information is for Model City Tax Code purposes only.


For the purposes of this article only, the following definitions shall apply:

“Access To Care Fund (“ATC Fund”)” means the fund established pursuant to Section ___-705.

“Access To Care Fund Remainder (“ATC Fund Remainder”)” means the amount remaining in the access to care fund after reservation of the administrative cost pursuant to Section ___-725(a).

“Access To Care Tax (“ATC Tax”)” means the tax imposed pursuant to Section ___-710.

“Access To Care program” means the program consisting of the ATC Tax, the uncompensated care payments, and related expanded AHCCCS coverage, to be established by AHCCCS and approved by CMS, and funding for the non-federal share of safety net care pool payments to Maricopa Integrated Health System.

“Administrative cost” means the costs to the tax collector of collecting, administering, enforcing and transferring the ATC Tax, which may include: time, materials, overhead, and litigation costs.

“AHCCCS” means the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, an agency of the state, which administers the medicaid program under Title XIX of the Social Security Act in Arizona.

“CFR” means the Code of Federal Regulations.

“CMS” means the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a federal agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

“Coverage amount” means an amount specified by AHCCCS to pay for the non-federal share of the expanded coverage that is part of the access to care program.

“Delinquency date” means the day after the due date.

“Due date” means that day that is 30 days prior to the end of each quarter during the UC payment period, unless otherwise specified pursuant to Section ___-715(e).

“Effective date” means 30 days after the date of passage of this ordinance.

“Inpatient net patient revenue” means gross charges for inpatient hospital services less contractual allowances and discounts, calculated pursuant to Section ___-710.

“Medicare cost report” means the hospital cost report required for hospitals participating in the medicare program under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, using CMS form 2552-96.

“MIHS” means Maricopa Integrated Health System.

“Non-federal share” means the portion of AHCCCS expenditures that are not reimbursed by the federal government pursuant to Section 1903 of the Social Security Act and are required to be paid for from state or local sources, pursuant to Section 1902(a)(2) of the Social Security Act.

“Participating hospital” means a health care institution located in the City of __________ that is licensed as a hospital by the Arizona Department of Health Services under Arizona Revised Statute title 36, chapter 4, article 2, except that participating hospital does not include the following:

(a) hospitals owned and operated by the State of Arizona, any governmental subdivision of the state or the United States, or any indian tribe;

(b) psychiatric hospitals, as described in 42 CFR §412.23(a);

(c) inpatient rehabilitation facilities, as described in 42 CFR §412.23(b);

(d) long term care hospitals, as described in 42 CFR §412.23(e);

(e) Hospitals that are primarily engaged in the care and treatment of patients with an orthopedic condition or patients receiving a surgical procedure as described under 42 CFR §411.201;

(f) Children’s hospitals as described in 42 CFR §412.23(d) with fewer than 30 beds; and

(g) Hospitals in which on average at least 15 percent of the inpatients are from outside of Arizona and at least 50 percent of the inpatient days are for medicare beneficiaries.

“Quarter” means a three month period from January to March, April to June, July to September, or October to December.

“S.B. 1357” means Senate Bill 1357, enacted by the Arizona legislature, during its fiftieth legislature, first regular session of 2011.

“Safety Net Care Pool” means the funding pool established pursuant to the AHCCCS demonstration project authorized under Section 1115 of the Social Security Act.

“Shortfall amount” means the amount of any ATC Tax payment that a participating hospital owes but does not pay by the due date.

“SNCP transfer amount” means the amount of the transfer funds used to contribute to the non-federal share of safety net care pool payments to MIHS.

“SSA” means the Social Security Act.

“Transfer date” means the date that is 15 days prior to the end of each quarter during the UC payment period, unless AHCCCS specifies a different date, for transfer of funds from the city to AHCCCS pursuant to Section ___-725.

“Transfer funds” means the funds to be transferred to AHCCCS as specified in Section ___-725(b).

“Uncompensated Care Payments” means payments, to be administered by AHCCCS and approved by CMS, to participating hospitals to reimburse some or all of their uncompensated care costs of treating AHCCCS and uninsured patients.

“UC Payment Transfer Amount” means the fund remainder minus the coverage amount and the SNCP transfer amount, to be used to pay for the non-federal share of uncompensated care payments to participating hospitals for the current quarter, except that the UC payment transfer amount shall not exceed the amount specified by AHCCCS as required to fund UC payments for the quarter.

“UC Payment Period” means the period beginning on the first day of the period for which CMS approves uncompensated care payments for participating hospitals and ending on the last day of the period for which AHCCCS is authorized by state statute and CMS to make uncompensated care payments to participating hospitals.