Recordkeeping: Claim of Exclusion, Exemption, Deduction, or Credit; Documentation; Liability

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(a) All deductions, exclusions, exemptions, and credits provided in this Chapter are conditional upon adequate proof and documentation of such as may be required either by this Chapter or Regulation.

(b) Any person who claims and receives an exemption, deduction, exclusion, or credit to which he is not entitled under this Chapter, shall be subject to, liable for, and pay the tax on the transaction as if the vendor subject to the tax had passed the burden of the payment of the tax to the person wrongfully claiming the exemption. A person who wrongfully claimed such exemption shall be treated as if he is delinquent in the payment of the tax and shall be subject to interest and penalties upon such delinquency. However, if the tax is collected from the vendor on such transaction it shall not again be collected from the person claiming the exemption, or if collected from the person claiming the exemption it shall not also be collected from the vendor.