Reporting and Payment of Tax

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*This information is for Model City Tax Code purposes only.


(a) Returns. The returns required under this Chapter shall be made upon forms prescribed or approved by the Tax Collector, and shall be considered filed only when the accuracy of the return has been attested to, by signature upon the form, by an authorized agent of the taxpayer, and when such form has been received by the Tax Collector.

(b) Payment. If payment is made in any form other than United States legal tender, the tax obligation shall not be satisfied until the payment has been honored in funds.

(c) Requirement of Security. If a taxpayer has remitted payment in the form of a check or other form of draw upon a bank or third party and such remittance has not been honored in funds, the Tax Collector may demand security for future payments.

(d) Method of Reporting. Each taxpayer shall elect to report on either a cash receipts basis or an accrual basis and shall indicate the choice on the Privilege License application. A taxpayer shall not change his reporting method without receiving prior written approval by the Tax Collector.

(1) Taxpayers must report all gross income subject to the tax using the same basis of reporting.

(2) Taxes imposed upon construction contracting shall be reported as follows:

(A) Construction contractors shall report on either a progressive billing ("accrual") basis or cash receipts basis.

(B) Speculative builders shall report the gross income derived from sale of improved real property at close of escrow or at transfer of title or possession, whichever occurs earlier.

(C) Owner-builders who are not speculative builders shall report taxable amounts as provided in Section ___-417.