Retail sales: sale of containers, paper products, and labels

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*This information is for Model City Tax Code purposes only.


(a) The sale of a container or similar packaging material which contains personal property and which is transferred to the customer with the sale of the product is not taxable as a sale for resale. Examples of such nontaxable containers include but are not limited to:

(1) packaging materials sold to a manufacturer of video equipment for containment of the product during shipment.

(2) cellophane-type wrap sold to a meat department or butcher for containment of the individually wrapped or contained meat.

(3) bags used to contain loose fungible goods such as fruits, vegetables, and other products sold in bulk, where such bags or containers are used to contain and measure the amount purchased by the customer.

(4) shopping bags and similar merchandising bags sold to grocery stores, department stores or other retailers.

(5) gift wrappings and gift boxes sold to department stores or other retailers.

(b) Sales of non-returnable or disposable paper (and similar products such as plastic or styrofoam) cups, lids, plates, bags, napkins, straws, knives, forks and other similar food accessories to a restaurant or others taxable under Section __-455 for transfer by the restaurant to its customer to contain or facilitate the consumption of the food, drink or condiment are sales for resale and not taxable.

(c) Where a retailer imposes a charge for gift wrapping and the charge includes the container, paper, and other appropriate materials, the wrapping charge shall be considered a sale.

(d) Charges for returnable containers, where the charges are imposed on the customer, are subject to tax at the time of the transaction. A credit may be taken for the amount of refund after such refund is made.

(e) The sale of labels to a purchaser who affixes them to a primary container is a sale for resale and not taxable. Directional or instructional material included with products sold are considered to be part of the product and a sale for resale. However, the sale of items such as price tags, shipping tags, and advertising matter delivered to the customer in connection with the retail sale is taxable to the retailer as a retail sale to it, and is not exempt as a sale for resale.