Taxpayer Assistance Orders

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*This information is for Model City Tax Code purposes only.


(a) The Taxpayer Problem Resolution Officer, with or without a formal written request from a taxpayer, may issue a taxpayer assistance order that suspends or stays an action or proposed action by the Tax Collector if, in the problem resolution officer's determination, a taxpayer is suffering or will suffer a significant hardship due to the manner in which the Tax Collector is administering the tax laws.

(b) A taxpayer assistance order may require the Tax Collector to release any lien perfected under this Chapter, or cease any action or refrain from taking any action to enforce against the taxpayer any Section of this Chapter pending resolution of the issue giving rise to the taxpayer assistance order.

(c) The Taxpayer Problem Resolution Officer, City Manager or, for a City without a City Manager, the Chief Administrative Officer may modify, reverse or rescind a taxpayer assistance order. A taxpayer assistance order is binding on the Tax Collector until it is reversed or rescinded.

(d) The running of the applicable statute of limitations for any action that is the subject of a taxpayer assistance order is suspended from the date the taxpayer applies for the order or the date the order is issued, whichever is earlier, until the order's expiration date, modification date or recision date, if any. Interest that would otherwise accrue on an outstanding tax obligation is not affected by the issuance of a taxpayer assistance order.

(e) A taxpayer assistance order may not be used:

(1) to contest the merits of a tax liability.

(2) to substitute for informal protest procedures or administrative or judicial proceedings to review a deficiency assessment, collection action or denial of a refund claim.