Use Of Access To Care Tax Fund (Phoenix)

Section Number

*This information is for Model City Tax Code purposes only.


Monies in the access to care fund may be utilized for the following purposes:

(a) Up to $________ of the collected tax payments each quarter may be used by the city to cover the administrative cost. Such amount may be increased by the city upon written notice to the participating hospitals 30 days prior to the next transfer date if the city incurs unanticipated costs including costs for administration, litigation or bankruptcy proceedings related to the tax.

(b) To transfer funds to AHCCCS pursuant to Section ___-725 and an intergovernmental agreement for the purpose of providing local funding for the non-federal share of:

(1) uncompensated care payments to participating hospitals;

(2) payments to MIHS through the safety net care pool; and

(3) expanded health care coverage to individuals through AHCCCS.

(c) To refund to participating hospitals any ATC Tax overpayment or amounts otherwise collected in error;

(d) To refund to participating hospitals pursuant to Section ___-745 any amounts repaid by AHCCCS to the tax collector after recoupment of uncompensated care payments or safety net care pool payments funded by tax proceeds transferred by the city; and

(e) With respect only to penalties and interest collected pursuant to Section ___-750, to transfer to the city’s general fund to be used for any city-authorized purpose or any budgeted purpose consistent with the general fund rules.