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During National Small Business Week, ADOR Encourages Small Businesses to Search for Unclaimed Property

April 29, 2024

Phoenix, AZ – National Small Business Week is April 28-May 4 and the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) is encouraging small business owners to take some time and look for any unclaimed property that may belong to their business.

Looking for Unclaimed Property is easy. Business owners can simply visit, enter their business name, and see if ADOR is holding any property in the business’ name. While they’re at it, they can go ahead and search their own name for any personal property that may be unclaimed, and let their employees know that they can search too.

Unclaimed property can include forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, insurance benefits, and more. Sometimes unclaimed property can come from accounts receivable credit balances representing overpayments made for materials. A business has potentially hundreds of financial transactions daily and any one of those could be reported to ADOR’s Unclaimed Property Unit.

For more information on unclaimed property, how to find it, and how to claim it, visit