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New Login Screen for Business Users

October 26, 2023

All registered business users will see a new login screen.

AZTaxes users will now notice a new login screen method. To keep your access and information secure, we are updating our login options to support AZTaxes and eAZ logins. Registered users will be asked to enter their email address before clicking “Next” to be taken to a page to enter their login credentials.  

The split allows the system to determine if the user is an AZTaxes user or eAZ (Business One Stop) user. Additionally, this process assists in identifying if your username is correct before moving on to the password. 

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Business One Stop users will now have the ability to link their Business One Stop accounts with their accounts. If a Business One Stop user attempts to log in through, they will be redirected to the eAZ login page if their accounts are linked. 

See the AZTaxes User Login Screen guide for new login screens.