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ACH Credit Addenda Format

The addenda record to be created for Electronic Funds Transfer will follow the TXP Addendum Convention suggested by the Federation of Tax Administrators. An authorization agreement is required prior to initiating this payment format. This authorization should be completed on Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Disclosure Agreement for Credit filers – Form 10366.

Application for Approval of Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit

Application for Approval of Renewable Energy Production Tax Credit

Note: The Renewable Energy Production tax credit is for a qualified energy generator that has at least 5 megawatts generating capacity and is not for a residential application.

See residential Solar Energy Device tax credit that is claimed on Form 310 for solar devices installed on residential home.

Application for Certification for Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization

A charity must apply for and meet all requirements of the law to be considered as a Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organization. Charitable organizations may apply for certification at any time during the year. Certification is valid for the calendar year in which the application is approved. Applications will generally require two to four weeks for processing.