Withholding forms and instruction booklets for all years.

Business Account Update

Form to make updates to the licensed business.

Action is required ONLY if you have any of the following:

  • Cancel your license.
  • Change your business name and mailing address.
  • Edit location information – add, close or change your information.
  • Update your owner or officer information.


Several changes can be made within AZTaxes.gov and enables registered businesses to update their account(s). 

Mail this form to:

Employer Affidavit

If ADOR received your Arizona income tax return and found that the social security number (SSN) and/or name on the W-2 form do not match the identification number and/or name on the tax return, ADOR will need to verify the withholding amount shown on the return before it can issue a refund. To accomplish the verification, ADOR must obtain additional information from you.