Unclaimed Asset Owner Location Efforts

​Reuniting owners with their lost assets is the heart of all unclaimed property law and our program’s primary goal. The Arizona Unclaimed Property Program vigorously performs its duty to locate and return the property in our custody to the proper owner. We are currently reaching out to individuals who may have a lost asset in our custody; based on research of the information reported to us with the asset.

You may have received a letter, or an email that you want to determine is actually from a state government official and is not fraudulent. This is the appropriate response as there are, unfortunately, a growing number of deceptive unclaimed property schemes.

This page provides necessary tools and information to help determine the legitimacy of correspondence you may have received, to collect your unclaimed property, and/or avoid falling victim to a scam.

  • The Arizona Unclaimed Property Program will never use text messages, postcards or faxes to inform you about unclaimed property or communicate with you about claim status. Read More

  • The Arizona Unclaimed Property Program does not charge a fee. As a consumer protection, the State charges nothing and will never ask for your credit card or banking information. 




Arizona Unclaimed Property Location Correspondence










  • Official location correspondence from the State of Arizona will never include the source, amount, or nature of the illustration asset. This information is considered confidential by state law.

  • Email correspondence will only come from the address [email protected] secured by Virtru software with the title “Arizona Unclaimed Property Program Official Outreach – Invitation to Claim.”




Official Points of Contact

While a fraudster may copy correspondence using letterhead that looks official, you can protect yourself and the evidence we need by releasing this information only at official points of contact. Under no circumstances will Arizona Unclaimed Property Program staff ask you to send or share confidential information anywhere but these official contact points. 

Email: [email protected]     Telephone: (602) 364-0380

Mailing address: 
Arizona Department of Revenue Unclaimed Property Unit 
PO Box 29026 
Phoenix AZ 85038 

Drop-Off Box: 
Arizona Department of Revenue Lobby 
1600 W. Monroe St. 
Phoenix AZ 85007

  • If you choose to hand-deliver your claim form and evidence at the drop-box, you must understand that to keep you and our staff safe during this pandemic, we are following CDC recommended precautions. We only offer a contactless drop-box where you can deliver your documents in a sealed envelope through our box.

  • While we do have a fax machine available, it is important to note the following:

    • Facsimile is old technology; we often receive unreadable items. These items are disregarded and will not be accepted as a claim nor create a submission date.

    • Facsimile images of evidence, such as identification and vital records, are often not clear enough to provide acceptable proof.

    • The fax machine utilizes one phone line; if busy, your only recourse is to keep trying.

    • The fax machine is only powered on from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Arizona time zone Monday through Friday, excepting State holidays.

  • Once your claim is assigned to a specialist for review, they may contact you from their official state government email account; this account will always have the suffix of @azdor.gov.  They will further confirm their official status by providing the claim number assigned to you by the Arizona Unclaimed Property Program (this is not the property ID number). These communications will be secured with Virtru software.




Information Location Letter/Email Recipients Need


Is the Arizona Unclaimed Property Program legitimate?

The Unclaimed Property Program is one of the original consumer protection programs. Acting in the best interest of consumers, each state has enacted an unclaimed property statute that protects your funds from reverting to the company if you have lost contact with them. These laws instruct companies to turn forgotten funds over to a state official who will then make a diligent effort to find you or your heirs. Arizona’s program was created and is governed by the law titled Arizona’s Unclaimed Property Act. See A.R.S. §§44-301 to 44-340 et al. Verification of the program’s existence can be found on the Arizona Department of Administration’s website and in the Federal Listing of governmental agencies.

What is the asset you are holding?

To protect the privacy and confidential financial information of the owners of the unclaimed property, and in compliance with Arizona Law, we will not release information about any property until the department has received a signed claim form and evidence of ownership. Please wait 14 business days after mailing your claim before calling Arizona Unclaimed Property Unit’s customer service for information about the property you are claiming.

I no longer (or never) owned the property listed on the claim form; why was I contacted?

We use the legal definition of property not the common one. Unclaimed property is not real estate, homes, or land. The address listed, only represents the last known address of the owner, not the asset itself. Unclaimed property consists only of intangible personal financial assets; such as, dormant savings accounts, utility/security deposits, insurance proceeds, unpaid wages, bonds, customer overpayments, and the stocks, mutual funds, the contents of safe deposit boxes (or the proceeds of their sale).

What happens after I turn in my claim and evidence?

If you have included your email address on your claim form, we will send you an acknowledgement receipt, within 14 business days of the date your claim was received, with the asset information that is known to us.

Review Process - We process all claims in the order received. The number of claims received before yours determines how quickly yours is processed. While Arizona law gives us 90 days to make a decision, we are currently processing claims at an average of 70 days. When it is your turn, a claim specialist will to process your claim by carefully reviewing the forms you sent us to identify each claimant and all the assets being requested, carefully searching our records to find all the properties being held for you, and studying the evidence you submitted to confirm identity, authority and ownership.

Additional Evidence Required - If any additional evidence is required, your specialist will contact you in writing or by telephone to explain what they need. At this time and until your specialist reviews your claim, which occurs in the order received, we do not know if what you sent is sufficient or if we will need additional information.

Approved Claims - We will deliver your money to you in the form of a physical check, within 30 days from the date that we approve your claim. Along with your payment, you will receive a report giving you all the information that we have about the property we are returning to you.

This is a very old address; I do not want to provide proof of my social security number; how do I prove that I resided or received mail at the reported address?

The Arizona Unclaimed Property Section does not release funds based on name similarity alone. You must also provide proof that you lived or received mail at the reported address. If you prefer to provide proof of social security number, we will attempt to connect you to the address(es) in question. Here are some suggestions for proving your connection to the reported addresses:

  • Credit Report
  • Original Instrument
  • Auto Registration
  • School Records/College Transcript
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Utility Statement
  • Bank Statement
  • Court Documents
  • Medical Card
  • Insurance Policy
  • Birth Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Old Driver's License
  • Stock Certificate
  • Canceled Check
  • State Income Tax Return
  • Report Card
  • Postmarked Envelope Addressed to You