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Fast E-File Tips for Tax Season

February 16, 2022

Phoenix, AZ—E-file is a cooperative tax filing program that makes it possible for taxpayers to file both federal and state individual income tax returns electronically. Electronic filing, paying, and using direct deposit for a refund comes with many benefits.

Why e-file your income tax return?

  1. Easy, step-by-step instructions. E-file software makes it easier for taxpayers to complete  income tax forms by prompting them with questions.
  2. Faster refunds. On average, refunds arrive up to six times sooner than when filing by paper. 
  3. Accurate. Taxpayers can input or upload their figures and e-file software does the rest, providing error detection before they file.
  4. Automatic. Returns are transferred right into ADOR’s systems. No mail delivery wait time. No paper opening. No sorting. No manual data entry. 
  5. Proof of acceptance. Taxpayers receive an acknowledgment of receipt from both the IRS and ADOR via the service, so they will know their returns have been received and accepted.
  6. Secure. Information is encrypted and securely transmitted to the IRS and ADOR.
  7. Convenient. The convenience of filing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from home.


Why e-pay?

  1. Single-step. In a single step, taxpayers can e-file and e-pay.
  2. No need for paper checks. File early and schedule an online payment for a date prior to the April due date.  
  3. Peace of mind. Automatically withdrawals from the taxpayer's account and no need to worry or watch transaction activity.
  4. No unauthorized withdrawals will be made. Payment information will only be used for the tax payment(s) authorized by a taxpayer.
  5. Secure. No payment information disclosed, other than to process the authorized transaction.
  6. No ADOR service charges for e-check. Although ADOR charges no service fees, taxpayers should check with their own financial institutions about any fees they may charge.


Why use direct deposit?

  1. Fast. Receive the refund in your account within two business days - even faster if e-filed! Paper refunds are mailed within three business days after approval, plus mail delivery time, plus a trip to the bank can equal a week later.
  2. Extra secure. There is no check to get lost.
  3. More convenient. No trip to the bank to deposit the check. All you need is your routing and account number.
  4. Free. No cost for direct deposit.
  5. Flexible. Available whether the return is filed electronically or by paper.


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Wednesday, February 16, 2022