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Mass Mailing of Form TPT-EZ Discontinued

December 7, 2020

Be advised, the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) will no longer mail pre-populated TPT returns to businesses starting February 1, 2021. ADOR is sending notices with Form TPT-EZ mailings to inform affected taxpayers of this change. As well, businesses can subscribe to due date reminders and the latest announcements.


Businesses who operate more than one location must file and pay online at  Additionally, starting in February 2021 for the January reporting period, businesses with an annual TPT and/or use tax liability of $500 or more during the prior calendar year will be required to file and pay electronically.


If the business’ estimated annual combined Arizona, county, and municipal TPT liability is less than $2,000, consider adjusting the filing frequency to annually. This reduces the possibility of delinquent returns and payments by decreasing the filing occurrences. Change your filing frequency by completing the Business Account Update form.


To obtain transaction privilege tax forms and instructions, please:


ADOR reminds business to register, file, and pay online for:

  • ConvenienceProvides taxpayers 24/7 access to their previous electronically file returns and payments, which they can print and download.
  • Easy Math: System calculates tax due, prompts accurate business codes and deduction codes, reducing errors, penalties, and tax notices.
  • Free, Safe, and Secure: Keeps sensitive information from being mailed to perhaps an old address.
  • Save Money: Avoid late penalty fees and claim the increased accounting credit. Saves taxpayer money by using less paper and reduces costs for printing, mailing, and postage.


Failure to receive a form from the Department of Revenue does not relieve a business from filing and reporting transaction privilege tax.



Monday, December 7, 2020