Reports, Statistics and Legal Research

 Reports and Statistics

  • Annual Reports - prepared each November for the prior Fiscal Year and presented to the Governor and the Taxpayers of Arizona
  • Arizona Administrative Code - the official rules of the state of Arizona are published. The Code is the official compilation of rules that govern state agencies, boards, and commissions.
  • Arizona Revised Statutes - the statutory laws for the state of Arizona.
  • Bonded Indebtedness - the Arizona Department of Revenue ascertains and records in its office all issues of bonds or other securities issued for a term in excess of one year by the state or a county, city, town, school district, irrigation district or other political subdivision within the State of Arizona
  • Individual Income Tax Statistics - a compilation of individual income tax data for the state, counties and incorporated cities and towns in Arizona.
  • Legislative Summary Reports -  a brief summary of tax-related legislation impacting the Arizona Department of Revenue (ADOR) and not intended to discuss the details of any specific enactment
  • Public School Tax Credit Reports - annual reports of non-refundable individual tax credits for fees and cash contributions paid to public schools in Arizona for the support of extracurricular activities or character education programs
  • School Tuition Organization Income Tax Credits Reports - a summary of the School Tuition Organizations’ annual report of activity on the income tax credits and scholarship programs for students to attend Arizona private schools.
  • Credit History Reports - November 2023 - a detailed analysis of the impact of individual and corporate income tax credits claimed by taxpayers.
  • 2009 Working Poor Tax Credit Report - a comprehensive review of the tax year 2009 claims for this income tax credit.
  • Tax Expenditure Reports - studies that provide a better understanding of the costs associated with the existing set of tax exemptions, exclusions, deductions and credits
  • Prime Contracting Study - pursuant to House Bill 2416, the Arizona Department of Revenue has completed its study of the rate of noncompliance by persons subject to the prime contracting transaction privilege tax (TPT) classification.