Renewable Energy Investment and Production for Self-Consumption

International Operations Centers Tax Credit

An individual or corporate income tax credit is available for taxpayers that invest at least $100 million in one or more new renewable energy facilities in Arizona that generate energy for self-consumption using renewable energy resources. At least 51% of the energy produced must be used for self-consumption for an international operations center in Arizona. Final certification from the Arizona Department of Revenue is required. Furthermore, the international operations center must be certified by the Arizona Commerce Authority with an investment of at least $1.25 billion on or before the tenth anniversary of certification.

“Renewable energy facility” means a facility in which the taxpayer invested at least $30 million; has at least 20 megawatts generating capacity or a minimum typical annual generation of 40,000 megawatt hours; is located on land in Arizona owned or leased by the taxpayer; and produces electricity using a qualified energy resource. The $100 million investment in one or more new renewable energy facilities must be completed by December 31, 2018.