Individual Tutorials

Checking Refund Status and Paying Individual Income Tax Using

This tutorial will help you with Where's My Refund, making individual income payments using, and cancelling an individual income payment, click here.


AZTaxes Individual Services

This step-by-step guide will help you with viewing your 1099-G, Where's My Refund, making and cancelling your individual income payments using


Requesting a Payment Plan

Owe of your state taxes and cannot pay? Request a payment plan through Once you have submitted your tax return, you can set up a payment plan to pay your liability.


Learn How to Complete the Arizona Form 285, General Disclosure/Representation Authorization Form

This tutorial is designed to provide information on how to correctly complete the Arizona Department of Revenue Form 285, General Disclosure/Representation Authorization Form. A taxpayer may use Arizona Form 285 to authorize the department to release confidential information to the taxpayer’s Appointee. With this information you will have a better understanding of how to complete and file this form.


How to Authorize the Department to Disclose Tax Information and How to Appoint a Representative on Tax Matters using Arizona Form 285 Series