Individual Income Tax Forms

The Arizona Department of Revenue will follow the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announcement regarding the start of the 2022 electronic filing season. Because Arizona electronic income tax returns are processed and accepted through the IRS first, Arizona’s electronic filing system for individual income tax returns is dependent upon the IRS' launch date. Remember, the starting point of the Arizona individual income tax return is the Federal Adjusted Gross Income.

Taxpayers can begin filing individual income tax returns through Free File partners and individual income tax returns will be sent to the IRS upon e-file season opening. Tax software companies also are accepting tax filings in advance of the IRS' launch date.

Please refer to the E-File Service page for details on the e-filing process.

Notice:  The Tax Booklets for tax year 2021 containing the 2021 Tax Tables X&Y are incorrect. Do not use the Tax Tables X&Y provided in the Tax Booklets to figure your tax liability. Use the separate Tax Tables X&Y published on this page to compute your tax liability for tax year 2021.  

Arizona Individual Income Tax Highlights

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Please ensure you download and open the form from your computer folder using Acrobat, as you will encounter issues when viewing and filling it out within your internet browser.

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