Use Tax Direct Payment Permit Holders

This list of Use Tax Direct Payment Permit holders and their TPT license numbers is published in compliance with Arizona Revised Statutes - Title 42 Taxation - Section 42-5167 Use tax direct payment – Paragraph E.3.  To apply for a Use Tax Direct Payment Permit - click here.

Company License
American Express 07-289175
Boeing Company & Consolidated Subsidiaries 07-579939
Honeywell International 07-348127
N & D Restaurants Inc. 20-418412
New Harquahhala Generating Co LLC 20-042887
Patterson Motor Company 01-000060
Pegasus Solutions 07-336829
Raytheon 10-007464
Southwest Gas 11-009297
Ticketmaster LLC 07-586012
Trico Electric Cooperative INC. 10-003271