Quick Reference

Listed below are several online resources and tips to assist you in filing and paying online with AZTaxes.gov.

Online Resources


Handy Tips

  • Set calendar reminders for due dates.
  • Keep your password, e-signature PIN and security questions in a secure location.
  • A password reset is required every 90 days.
  • Be prepared - e-signature PIN reset requests require 24 hours to process.
  • Have your license information to refer to when filing or paying.
  • Avoid penalties – file returns by the due date, even if your sales or tax is $0.
  • Remember to click "Submit" when submitting a TPT return on AZTaxes. Clicking "Save" does not submit your return.
  • Verify and update your mailing address on AZTaxes.gov to ensure receipt of important correspondence from ADOR.
  • If your business is adding a location to an existing license, file a Business Account Update online, not a new Joint Tax Application.
  • Ensure you have a valid Power of Attorney Form 285 on file with ADOR for any person needing to speak on your behalf.


For assistance:

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