Updating a TPT Account

AZTaxes.gov enables registered businesses to update their account(s). Businesses need to be registered and have an e-signature PIN to make changes.

Taxpayers can:

  • change their mailing address on corporate, withholding and transaction privilege and use tax licenses;
  • add, edit and/or close locations for TPT licenses;
  • cancel or close an existing TPT license or single location on a TPT license;
  • make changes to “Doing Business As” (DBA) name or the business mailing address;
  • and/or add a new reporting jurisdiction, new business code or business or rental location


To make these changes, business taxpayers log into their account, click on View in the Actions column on the Business List page and click on Account Update. On the Welcome to the Business Account Update page, taxpayers can update mailing addresses, close accounts and view/update business locations.

A business updating a mailing address on corporate withholding and TPT accounts (and the mailing address is the same) can complete this change in one action. Taxpayers must click on Update Mailing Address on the Welcome to the Business Account Update page. They will then click on all the accounts needing the update under Actions.

Taxpayers wanting to add a location to an existing license will:

  1. click on View from the Business List page to view business details;
  2. click on Account Update from the Business Details page;
  3. click on View/Update Location (s) from the Welcome to the Business Account Update page;
  4. click on the Add a Location button from the Business Account Update—Location Detail page.


Businesses can add 25 locations per transaction. Changes can take up to four hours to display newly added locations. Please note that businesses cannot update the location (s) on all of their licenses associated with their account at one time.

Business taxpayers can also add a new reporting jurisdiction to an existing location on their license through the Business Account Update—Location Detail page by clicking Edit under the Actions column for the location they need to update. To close a location, they will click Close under the same column. Taxpayers can also close a license on the Welcome to the Business Account Update page by clicking the Close Account (s) button at the bottom of the page. Businesses will then receive a new hard copy of their licenses if they add a new location (s) within three to five business days of processing the Business Account Update.

Also, business owners who want to add additional owners or officers to their licenses on AZTaxes.gov need to complete and submit a signed paper Business Account Update Form. Businesses should keep their owner/officer information current, as this is how ADOR representatives authorize callers. Owner/officer changes are submitted through the Business Account Update Form.

This is also the case for business taxpayers who want to reopen a license previously closed online. Licenses closed for more than one year may not be eligible for reinstatement.

There are no fees for changes to corporate accounts or withholding registrations. However, some TPT license changes are subject to a $12 fee per location for state and any applicable city fees (varies by city). Changes subject to fees include adding a new location or region to an existing location, changing the DBA of an existing location and/or adding/removing the number of residential rental units.

Businesses can pay for update requests online by e-check or credit card. ADOR does not accept checks or money orders. Please note that businesses cannot cancel an update once they submit it. However, they can complete another update or submit a signed paper Business Account Update form.

Taxpayers with additional questions can contact Customer Care.